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  Beijing Succeed Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the overall planning, design, manufacture and installation of kitchen equipment engineering for star hotels, upscale restaurants, student canteens of schools and universities, and corporate staff canteens.


With strong economic strength, advanced technical level and complete supporting varieties, Succeed currently has eight series products, including Chinese and Western stoves, refrigeration equipment, steel stools & equipment, range hood equipment, bakery equipment, cleaning disinfection equipment, food processing machinery and hotel supplies. Its products are featured by complete specifications, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, environmental protection and energy saving, durability and easy operation, complying with the national standards in terms of sanitation, fire prevention, and environmental protection. In order to ensure quality, it uses imported stainless steel materials and a variety of imported parts and through sophisticated processing and assembly, product quality wins the popularity from the majority of users.


  As a professional design consultant for hotels, Succeed company, as a agent, distributes the commercial kitchenware of famous manufacturers around the world, including Germany RATIONAL and MEIKO, America GARLAND and HAOBAT, Spain FAGOR, and Italy MARINO and Electrolux.

Succeed company has established an overall customer-oriented service system, in which trained staff provides customers with 24h X 365 days of comprehensive, high-quality services. Continue to meet customer demand, offer professional services, provide customer workers with a clean, healthy and comfortable working environment, maximize the value of the product, ensure added value of customer project investment, and thereby create maximum economic benefits. 

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