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Introduction to After-sale Service



   After more than ten years of practice, Beijing Succeed Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd. has created a unique, perfect after-sale service management system in relation to product quality after-sale service. Before commencing after-sale service, we first focus on control of product quality before sale, stop resolutely the entry of substandard products into the market, and lay a good foundation for the perfect after-sales service.


In more than ten years of after-sale service, on the basis of the principle of “punctual accurate, and fast achievement of standard", we have established an independent after-sale service management department, and improved all customer files and regular visit work records to ensure completion of the full range of after-sales service.



While providing customers with meticulous service, we give emphasis on improving the quality of the technical team, conduct systematic training on new products, and require technicians to have "three knows", namely: know the specification/model and useful life of the product for repair; know customer usage and training, and know the focus and key of repair. Concentrating on "rapid response", we quickly solve maintenance problems in a timely manner within the stipulated time, and ensure the safe and normal use of all customer kitchen equipment. By means of 365 days X 24h service, we allow customers to really appreciate the “relieved purchase, and assured use”.


1、售后服務機構After-sales service agency



Department: Beijing Succeed Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd., Engineering Department


Responsibilities: Overall responsibility for after-sale service of all the kitchen equipment


After-sales maintenance telephone: 010 -84721591


Contact: Miss Tao     


2、售后服務人員情況After-sales service personnel


This Company has 15 professional maintenance technicians, including 3 persons proficient in refrigeration equipment; 3 electromechanical maintenance personnel; others being integrated service personnel (comprehensive talents).



List of engineers responsible for the project:



 Engineer Xing:  13911031716

 Engineer Ren:  13439843763


4、設備備件情況 Spare parts of equipment



To ensure high-quality after-sale service, we have established a warehouse for storage of common spare parts. A director takes charge of spare parts management, and configures the common spare parts in the ratio of 1:3, in order to ensure that the rear service is not dropped.


  重點儲存的備件為: 燃氣設備用爐具備件






Major spare parts for storage:

Stove spare parts for gas equipment

                     Electrical accessories for refrigeration equipment

                     Commonly used wires and accessories for machines and tools

                     Commonly used fittings for all pipes

                     Other accessories (placed comprehensively)


5、售后服務聯系方式After-sales service contact

工程部維修辦公室聯系電話:工作期間 010-84721591


非工作時間:(24小時)             13439445272


Engineering Department, Maintenance Office Tel:

Working hours: 010-84721591

Non-working hours: (24 hours) 13439843763


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